Binary Options and its Essential Binary Ideas and Strategies

To test your strategies for 60 seconds, we recommend to register a demo account with the broker Olympus trade (anchor with demo account at the broker Olympus trade-url after all, 28 indicators are integrated into the platform of this broker .This is a binary option that uses EURUSD if you want to trade in a forex market. As the title stated, this is a method that uses a 60-second chart. This is a candle chart and each candle represents one minute of price change. This will work during London and New York sessions.

60-second strategy binary options with usage of indicators

Red circle means the price is moving down and the price is going up. for moving down, green for moving up. This show just under an hour and we had 5 signals to trade. The wicks use to show the high and the tails use to show the low at the time of that one minute. The top & bottom of the candle use to show the open and close price.

You can enter a trade when the signal occurs. For PUT, the ball must be red and for CALL, the ball must be green.

60 Seconds Binary Options Trading Strategy happens to be a grouping of template and Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator (s).

60 Seconds Binary Options Trading Strategy offers achancefor detectingnumerouspatterns  and peculiarities in prices that are unseen to the naked eye.

Depend on the information, traders can assume greater price movement and adjust this strategy accordingly.

While traditional binary options have deadlines longer than 30 minutes, the 60-second option is much more complex. What strategy should be adopted for technical analysis of this option?

The indicator to follow on this type of option is of course the trend itself. If you notice a significant change in trend, this is the perfect time to buy your option. For example, if the price of an asset drops sharply, it will trigger a buy signal that will very quickly cause a price increase through the automatic positions of algorithms. Of course, this sudden change must not be due to a particular event, in which case it could continue in this direction.

Another way to predict the rapid price movement of an asset with an expiration time of less than one minute is to use the economic calendar data by focusing on the most important indicators.

The ideal here is to choose an event that creates a surprise. For each event, the calendar gives you the forecast of the analysts. Events whose result dwarfs or exceeds the forecast will be those that will cause the highest volatility and therefore those on which you are least likely to deceive you.

Whichever indicator you choose to trade the 60 second option, it is advisable to be extremely reactive and trade only high volatility assets at the right time.